What Branding Says About Your Coffee Mug

What is branding and what does it say about your coffee mug? In today’s process-thirsty world, stimulation and complication govern the way things are run—much like our morning coffee break. We’re entrenched in a world with hundreds of choices, but we seek the personal and we seek the efficient. We like when our baristas are fast and we like when they are friendly. We have trusty drink orders that we can effortlessly repeat in our sleep.

Imagine if we took the proverbial next step and stopped to do more than simply smell the coffee during our morning fix. Imagine actually looking at the cups that our caffeine is being poured into. The best cups are not the ubiquitous white cups that are immediately discarded after their fated one-time-use. It’s the personalized coffee cups we bring from home that really matter. They provide us with that simple moment of gratification, and plus, they get you a 10-cent discount every morning.

At Brand Agents, we believe in the personal, the utilitarian, and the tangible. We are proponents of personalization—pushers of the perfect product. We believe in the powerful impression that innovative branded promotional products can create for your company. We provide your company with the mug that provides potential clients and customers with a good morning. You could say that we also provide the 10-cent discount.

Let’s look at it this way. Remember the last couple hundred promotional ads that flooded your Facebook, Google searches, or inbox, each with their own claims of originality and self-praise? Yeah, probably not. Perhaps the content was witty and the overall message stimulating, but what it lacked was personalization. It was forgettable.

What about that attractive—and totally functional—coffee mug you received a few months ago at a trade show? Yes, the one that is currently emanating plumes of steam and fumes of sweet coffee on your desk. That’s the one. You know the contour lines of the mug, the best angle to sip from, and the exact location of the crack on its brim. More importantly, you remember its brand. The company is imprinted in your mind.

Think about us the next time you’re waiting in line at your favorite coffee shop and someone hands the barista a personal cup. There are many mugs, and many cups of coffee. But imagine your company’s brand being the bearer of good news every single morning. We’re committed to promoting your company. That’s the power of a good, promotional coffee mug.

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